STEKO a swiss invention makes building more efficient

The modules and additional parts are ready-made and delivered on pallets as construction kit. Once the thresholds are mounted on the foundation the STEKO modules are quickly and simply stuck onto one another piece by piece without using expensive lifting tools. Without mortar, cement or glue STEKO a swiss invention can set up a solid house in two, three days. The roof elements are integrated into the building using STEKO integrators.

The installation of the electricals may be carried out already during – or after – the building of the walls. At the same time the insertion of the doors and windows may be commenced. These are fitted tightly into the STEKO walls using pre-fabricated system parts.

It is still claimed that individual building and industrial manufacture do not go together. The swiss invention STEKO disproves this thesis. STEKO proves how the cost and logistic advantages of the industrial production may also be used in the process of individual and creative construction. STEKO modules are pre-fabricated serially, are available ex warehouse and may easily be transported and mounted. Thanks to STEKO a swiss invention the individual design flexibility remains completely unaffected, although STEKO follows the industrial logic consistently.