Ecological living thanks to solid timber construction

STEKO walls allow ecological living and are like your second skin. Due to the large amount of dry solid wood and natural insulating materials they are breathable and diffusible. In comparison to traditional construction STEKO walls do not need vapour barriers and sealing strips or barrier foils. The solid timber construction therefor ensure the natural climate balance in the summer and winter.
The regulation of temperature and humidity is via the pores and cells of the solid timber construction – just like the human skin. In winter the massive STEKO wall works as a heat reservoir, in summer it keeps the interior comfortably cool. In combination with the outstanding insulating qualities it ensures an incomparably comfortable and healthy living climate. The walls feel pleasantly warm and prevail a comfortable living climate. The natural regulation allows ecological living without the unpleasant humidity, which appears in buildings often for years. The STEKO modules consist of pure solid wood. The wall construction is laid out ecological so that no wood protection materials are required. This, too, is an important contribution to the residents’ well-being.