A sustained and logical modular building system

More and more people would like to build and live differently. They would like to have good, solid houses with high living quality and reasonable initial and maintenance costs. However, they would also like to build in a way that neither their own living quality nor the possibilities of subsequent generations are affected – that is they would like to build sparingly and sustainably. This new kind of construction is future-proof. It combines renewable resources with the most modern technologies and again reconciles economy and ecology.

STEKO is a logical modular building system based on latest technology allowing  sustainable construction, which thereby meets the highest requirements regarding stability, earthquake safety, durability, comfort and design flexibility. STEKO is a kit system, which opens up completely new dimensions for the principal, the planners and entrepreneurs. It has never been as easy to build solid, healthy and ecologically valuable houses.
STEKO reduces the planning effort and increases the creative scope. The CAD-supported planning works with a simple basic framework, which allows huge design flexibilities due to fine increments – 16 cm horizontally and 8 cm vertically. Due to the new pushfit fitting the modules create a statically detectible unit and a massive, unmoveable combination in a wall.

For the further design of the interior and the exterior the logical modular building system provides the planner and resident with every possible liberty. In the interior the walls may be kept visible or they may be clad using the traditional interior materials such as plaster or wood material panels. The exterior facade may be created using back-ventilated materials or compact plastering systems. Planning and building with STEKO saves time and money. Mainly because fewer processes reduce the interfaces and thus simplify the planning and execution.

The logical modular building system STEKO is suitable for residential buildings as well as communal, agricultural, industrial or business buildings. Furthermore, the wood modules could be used for temporary buildings, trade fair and stage buildings, renovations, extension buildings, room dividers or as infill for skeleton structures.