Pfister, Arosa (CH)

At 1800 m above sea level in Arosa there is the Steko house of the architect Georg Pfister from Zurich. The engineering office Josef Kolb AG, Kesswil, which disposes of huge experiences in calculating Steko buildings, had to consider huge snow loads. In order to increase the load bearing capacities of the Steko walls solid wood thresholds were used.

The exterior appearance reflects the traditional Bünden building style in combination with new elements and materials. The window chucks that are wide open towards the outside are very typical. The façade cladding consists of three-layered treated larch panels, which have been laid horizontally.

Despite the extreme climatic strain the vapour diffusible wall construction has stood the test. This is a reference object for the good building structural qualities of the Steko wood building system.