Sonderer, Neunkirch (CH)

The first passive house in Switzerland that has been realised using Steko is located in Neunkirch / SH. The stately, traditional single-family house has got the highest possible heating insulation value (u value 0.13W/m2K). The exterior wall construction is insulated with 160 mm Steko, outside further 220mm wood fibre insulation have been added in two layers. The wood casing and the partial plaster panels on the outside work as weather protection. In addition to the high insulating value particular importance was placed on outstanding air tightness.
The passive house standard (Minergie-P) requires an autonomous building concept, which is orientated towards the low energy use. The new standard Minergie-P means high requirements regarding the comfort offer, the economical value and the aesthetics. This is because the required comfort also includes the good and simple operability of the building or the technical installations. The following five requirements must be met:

  • specific thermal output requirement
  • thermal heat requirement
  • weighted energy benchmark heat
  • air tightness of the building skeleton
  • domestic appliances