Hohlenbaum, Schaffhausen (CH)

The building complex Hohlenbaum consists of two multiple family dwellings of Steko construction. They were erected in 1998 and 1999 under the leadership of the architectural office Reich & Bächtold, Schaffhausen. Due to the simple concept and the fast Steko construction in combination with the generous ceiling elements (solid wood) the two houses were completed in the shortest possible time. The use of Steko in the apartment building, which has got several floors, demonstrates the excellent load bearing capacities of the product.

The materials used and the buildings constructed are characterised by good sound insulation features. In particular for the apartment partitioning ceilings this is an important criterion for multiple family dwellings. The outstanding living quality is appreciated highly amongst all residents. The back-ventilated exterior skin consists of small fibre cement panels and extensive roof greenery.