STEKO Mounting

Steko by Steko – the wall is pushfitted quickly and easily. The Steko threshold works as basis, on which the foundation or the basement ceiling is mounted. The Steko modules are fitted on top of one another without glue or other copula. Within two or three days a solid house is built. The coupling is via beech dowels, which are fitted in the factory. Additionally, the modules are interlocked in the corners due to the shifted position of the modules. The top finish of the wall is the Steko integrator. Openings and vertical finishes are made using reveal panels.

Within the modules tube-like installations, such as electrical pipes, are integrated. They can be inserted easily during or after mounting.
In addition, the cavity is used to include filling materials such as insulations or sound-absorbing sand. The exterior walls are usually filled with cellulose fibre insulation materials or perlite heat insulation materials.