Structural Behaviour

Steko is highly loadable. The outstanding loading capacity is the result of the intensive and systematically organised development work in the test laboratory (Eidg. Technische Hochschule, Swiss technical university) and in the building practice. The results of the investigations are included in the calculation guidelines "Principles of the calculation and assessment of the Steko construction". The currently available working document is: Version 1.0, January 10, 200I

In Germany the Steko construction has been approved by the Institute of public right (Deutsches Institut für Bautechnik, German institute for construction technology, Berlin). The certification number (Allgemeine bauaufsichtliche Zulassung) is: Z-9.1-464

q ≤ 128 kN/m (beech threshold)
F ≤ 89.6 kN/m (beech module)

Heat insulation

Already in the structural work the STEKO walls prove their outstanding insulating qualities. The insulation of the exterior walls again improves the heath protection and predestestines the STEKO system for the construction of minimum and low-energy and passive houses. The entire wall construction is diffusible. The regulation of temperature and humidity is via the pores and cells of the solid wood – just like with the human skin.

Sound insulation

Steko offers good and simple methods to meet the sound insulation requirements. Steko walls that are clad with plaster achieve a sound insulation value of more than Rw = 40 dB. The cavities of the Steko modules may also be filled with coarse sand. With this simple method a good sound insulation value of Rw = 48 dB is achieved at low expenses. With different cladding materials or two-layered constructions the sound insulation can be increased again, if the highest requirements of noise sensitivity must be met.

Wall Construction (example)

Bild vergroessern

Plasterboard panel 15 mm
Heat insulation in Steko (cellulose fibres)
Air tightness layer
Heat insulation layer (d, mineral fibre panel 60 kg/m3)
Back-ventilation 30 mm
Exterior plaster

Insulation thickness du-value
wall thickness
60 mm0.24 W/m2K295 mm
80 mm0.21 W/m2K315 mm
100 mm0.19 W/m2K335 mm
120 mm0.17 W/m2K355 mm
140 mm0.15 W/m2K375 mm
160 mm0.14 W/m2K395 mm